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Where Are We Heading???

India shining…well really! Women being raped, beaten, abused, dowry deaths, children abuse, female foeticide, poverty, starvation, homelessness and what not! Where are we actually heading? Are we marching forward or taking gradual steps back to the primitive ages? An episode aired yesterday on a popular Hindi TV channel countering social issues came as a rude shock. A matter which should have been sorted out within four walls of home turned out to be a brawl and a complete farce in full public view. Was the drama needed? On another recently started show hosted by Aamir Khan, various social causes are being addressed. People come and go. But the question is…what is the significance and utility of such programs? Are we actually taking cue from such public awareness campaigns or just sitting back and enjoying?

India is being touted as one of the developing nations of the modern world. In spite of becoming an independent
country, a republic, more than a half century ago, India is still submerged in darkness. Corruption and vices are popping their heads everywhere. A large section of poor children in India do not go to school. Even if they go, they become drop outs and fail to complete education. To find an answer, we have to go to the core of the matter which have their roots in the colonial past while some are related to demographic changes, socio-political conditions and cultural changes. We are living in difficult times. A popular show aired on a Hindi entertainment channel every Friday and Saturday night showcases the recent spurt of crimes in metros and suburbs. Yet another attempt to educate people and increase mass awareness! There are similar shows on many other channels highlighting social issues and crimes. But the end result is same – complete apathy and lack of consciousness. People are laid back, selfish and inhuman. We do not want to overcome the barriers. Instead, we love to play the silent observer. How many of us care to know what is happening to our next door neighbor? A woman battered, molested, set ablaze, a child subject to paedophilia or elderly parents driven out of the house. We don’t bother! Where are we? Today we have multiple possessions but our values are diminished. It’s time we rethink. India is really ‘shining’!!


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Monsoon Woes

Monsoon is here at last after the sultry summers! There’s nothing to get overjoyed except that the unbearable heat is finally over. Kolkata roads are infamous for getting submerged every year during monsoons and hence, I can well imagine the sufferings of school, college and office goers! I have faced all that and at times, those were dreadful! Nothing has changed over the years, in spite of innumerable promises and plans made by the concerned authorities. The common people are at the receiving end of all miseries. It’s the same picture everywhere…potholes, open over flooded drains, blocked sewage, open manholes with missing lids, broken roads and sidewalks and what not! A handful of pumping stations actually work. Kolkatans are wary of such scenarios and seem to panic these days before the dark clouds start appearing in the city sky. When the authorities turn a deaf ear, people start preparing for the worse and make their own arrangements during monsoons. But still, many areas of Kolkata get flooded and people face their worst nightmares.

I am happy that I am not going out every day, since I’m hunting for a new job. But I know such sweet days at home would soon be over.  I can only hope that I don’t have to wade through a water-logged road. I hate the idea of making my way with feets soaked in muddy and filthy water!

Anyway, in continuation of my last post, I got to watch Kites and Rajneeti, though the former bombed at the box office, regardless of its numerous promos and hypes. Rajneeti was good though. I am keen to watch Knight and Day (Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz) and Inception (Leonardo Di Caprio), which are drawing a lot of critical acclaim. Martin Scorcese’s Shutter Island (released last week), also starring Di Caprio, was one of the highest grossing films worldwide in recent times.

Too bad that I am yet to watch any of these great flicks!


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