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Each Day Springs a Surprise!

Wake up each day with a feeling that something wonderful is about to happen.” Yes, I completely believe in this saying. Life is so full of beauties, mysteries and unknown surprises. Each day is beautiful, promising and holds multiple opportunities. So why waste time thinking what’s gone and regret the past? Instead have faith in yourself, your abilities and the supreme Almighty. Believe that each day can make you a better human being and present amazing life-changing possibilities. Keep a positive mind and be an optimist. Change how you perceive the world and it will change everything around you. Remember, a happy mind attracts happiness and limitless opportunities. So get going, feel good and enjoy life!




Take it Easy Guys!

Many times we see guys roaming aimlessly during office hours, taking unnecessary loo breaks or spending some quality time smoking or chatting meaninglessly. See the height of doing nothing and getting lazy in office…quite a common scene I guess!!


Posted by on October 20, 2008 in Humour, Laugh, Office etiquettes


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