New Year Resolutions!

30 Dec
Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Another brand new year to usher in! Another year to hope, dream and plan for. A new year to make(and break)resolutions. Personally, I feel sad as a year passes by and ends off. I feel if I could drag it for some more time. So many happy, sweet and sad moments and memories remain interweaved in a whole year! I remember, that I used to make a list of new year resolutions in my school and college days and vowed to abide by them. Somehow, I could just stick to few of them:) Later I realized that resolutions cannot be planned. All happenings should be spontaneous. Everything that happens in one’s life has a definite time and whatever happens carries a reason behind that. One just needs to be happy, positive, and in harmony with his/her own self.

New Year Resolution!

New Year Resolution!

So here’s wishing all my readers a very HAPPYAND FULFILLING NEW YEAR!!

Goodbye 2008 and let’s welcome 2009 with happiness and refreshed optimism!

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